Kissa Khaki Ka Podcast Series

Delhi Police Podcast ‘KISSA KHAKI KA’ is a digital audio presentation that celebrates the extraordinary services rendered by Delhi Police personnel and showcases unheard real stories of humanity, crimes, investigations and courage.

The podcast portrays the heroic stories of women and men in Khaki who have exhibited astounding dedication beyond their call of duty in carrying out social and humanitarian services, along with everyday excellence in policing.

Broadcast every Sunday on Delhi Police’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles, the podcast has garnered great response from people, thus, enabling an enhanced Police-Public bond

76 Record Found
1 28/05/2023The 72th podcast narrated the story of Sub Inspector Nidhi Sharma who arrested the rape accused and reunite the mentally retarded rape victim to her parents.
2 21/05/2023The 71th podcast narrated the story of the courage of Sub Inspector Ashok Kumar, who arrested many dangerous criminals by taking prompt action to make Delhi crime free and contributed in curbing crime.
3 14/05/2023The 70th podcast narrated the story of a team how they solved the incident of two murders in the area of ​​Gokulpuri police station in a very short time with their quick action and intelligence.
4 07/05/2023The 69th episode of KissaKhakiKa showcases how Inspector Vinay Yadav opened 'Chowki Mein Pathshala' for children living in slums and how this initiative of community policing is saving children from ill effects of drugs.
5 30/04/202368th podcast narrates the courageous act of delhi police PCR team by saving two women and a child who were trapped in the massive fire on the third floor of the building.
6 23/04/2023The 67th podcast narrates the story of out of the box thinking and creativity of ACP Ramesh Kumar, who made children's names a weapon to save trees so that the caravan of greenery goes on.
7 16/04/2023The 66th podcast talks about the initiative of Head constable Amit Lathia to set up a practice ground and library for students with his personal funds and joint efforts. He also worked for the environment by planting numerous trees.
8 09/04/2023The 65th Podcast depicts the story of HC Manoj and HC Devender where they apprehend two dangerous criminal by showing high values of duty, mutual coordination and brave act.
9 02/04/2023The 64th podcast narrated the story of Delhi police team who by taking prompt action, brought the criminal who absconded after raping a psychotic minor girl in Jafrabad police station area within 24 hours.
10 26/03/2023The 63rd podcast narrated the brave story of Head Constable Roshan who not only saved the bank from being robbed by acting quickly but also arrested the robber due to his presence of mind.
11 19/03/2023The 62nd podcast narrates the story of Constable Narender Mavi who busted a fake job provider website and nabbed culprits. He also helped cyber fraud victims to get their money back.
12 12/03/2023The 61th podcast talks about the initiative of Inspector Upendra Solanki to set up a library for students with police public cooperation and joint efforts.
13 05/03/2023The 60th podcast highlights the story of SPUWAC Self Defense team that makes women and girls physically strong and empowers them by teaching the methods of self-defense.
14 26/02/2023The 59th podcast narrates the story and bravery of HC Ravinder and HC Manoj who rescued a teenager from the Yamuna river near the signature bridge in Delhi.
15 19/02/2023The 58th podcast narrated the story of Inspector Bhupesh Kumar who alongwith his team solved a blind case of kidnapping, rescued a 4 months old child, and sent the culprits behind the bars.
16 12/02/2023The 57th Podcast is about the story of ASI Dharmendra ,who nabbed and arrested a person who was using a red light car and pretended to be an IAS officer.
17 05/02/2023The 56th podcast narrated the story of Inspector Manjeet Kumar, who saved 14 lives engulfed in flames.
18 29/01/2023The 55th Podcast narrated the story of martyred ASI Shambhu Dayal who nabbed a snatcher bravely and got stabbed by the accused person.Later succumbed to death during his treatment.
19 22/01/2023The 54th Podcast narrates the story of HC Deepak who has shown diligence and vigilance to curb the notorious sharp shooters and create fear among them.
20 15/01/2023The 53rd Podcast elaborates the labourios efforts and prompt action of SI Shailendra and team who busted an emerging notorious gang of robbers and arrested the accused.
21 08/01/2023The 52nd podcast narrated the story of Inspector Naveen Kumar, who solved a number of cases including the recent acid attack case and the rescue case of 7 girls from a prostitution racket.
22 01/01/2023The 51st podcast narrated hard work and intelligence of sub inspector parbhat sharma , who worked out a sensational fraud case of fake visa, fake joining letter of foreign companies and collected over 350 passports on search
23 25/12/2022The 50th podcast narrated the specialized technical knowledge and hard work of Sub inspector Vikrant Singh, who with technical surveillance worked out cyber crime cases related to electricity bill fraud and arrested the fraudsters.
24 18/12/2022The 49th podcast narrated the story of 'Hero of the Week' Sub Inspector Naresh Kumar, who cracked many sensational cases with his technical acumen. Seeing his conscientiousness, worthy CPDelhi also gave him a cash prize of Rs 50,000.
25 11/12/2022The 48th podcast narrated the story of Head Constable Ravinder Giri, who solved a sensational case of kidnapping of 2 month infant and also recovered more than 40 children.