Caw Instructions

SL. No. Standing Order/Circular
1. Standing Order No. 303/2010 Regarding Guidelines to be followed by the Police while investigating cases of Rape
2. Circular No. 01/2012 Regarding Instructions with respect to victims of sexual offences/Rape etc.
3. Circular No. 12/2011 Regarding Importance of proper linking of exhibits like clothes worn by the prosecutrix in Rape cases at the time of incident
4. Circular No. 15/2012 Regarding DNA-Profile and Role of Forensic evidence in Rape Cases
5. Circular No. 38/2010 Regarding P.V. Test/Finger Test conducted by the Doctors on the victims of sexual abuse and Rape
6. Circular No. 40/2010 Regarding investigation of Rape cases to be conducted only by lady officer
7. Circular No. 41/2012 Regarding Delay in visits by Counsellors in Rape Cases  (RCC)
8. Circular No. 42/2012 Regarding Opposing bail of Rape accused in Courts by lawyers of the Delhi Commission for Women  (RCC)
9. Circular No. 44/2011 Regarding Guidelines to be followed by the police while investigating incest Rape cases
10. Circular No. 25/2002 Regarding Sexual harassment at work place
11. Circular issued vide No. 61221-320/C&T/AC-V/PHQ, dated 3/9/2007 Regarding Guidelines laid down by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in case of a child subjected to sexual abuse
12. Circular No. 53/2011 Regarding information of bail application of accused in Rape cases to victims.
13. Standing Order No. 330/2008 Regarding Guidelines for Arrest and abused of Sections 498A/406 IPC
14. Circular No. 48/2011 Regarding prior approval of the Addl. C.P/DCP concerned for the arrest U/S 406/498A IPC
15. Guidelines issued by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights(NCPCR) for organizing Child Friendly Melas & Other large gatherings.